Sunday, September 14, 2008

What are you wearing?

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1. What is Andrew wearing?
2. What type of colours is he wearing?
3. What type of pattern is his coat?
4. What’s the difference between a coat and a jacket?
5. How’s a denim jacket different?
6. Why does Andrew only wear plastic watches? What two things happen to him when he wears vaulable watches?
7. What is he the victim of?
8. Where does he jump into?
9. What does Andrew say about wearing jewellery?
10. Who made him remove it and why?

1. What is Alison wearing?
2. Describe her jumper.
3. Describe her shoes.
4. Describe her T-shirt.
5. What items of clothing does she hand-wash?
6. What’s special about her earrings?
7. Wht’s another name for earrings?
8. What matches her T-shirt?
9. What would she like different in her jacket?
10. Describe her watch and bangle.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

About me

My name is Macky. I come form China, and have been in Australian just one month. I'm very exciting because seafood and fruit are really fresh here. They're my favorite food. Then the view is so beautiful here, clear sky and lots of seagulls.